Online Business Checklist – Start a Six-Figure Online Business in Record Time For Less Than $100!

Have you ever thought of starting your own business offline? Maybe you thought about owning your own retail shop or pizza shop or something like that. I know I have thought of owning a pizza shop, especially after learning how much you can make from running one. But then the reality sets in – there are startup costs, employees to pay, rent to make every month. It just plain costs too much to get started with an offline business.So you probably turned your attention to starting an online business to make money or you looked into some other option to make extra cash. If you are worried about the startup costs involved with starting an online business, I can tell you straight away that the costs are minimal. In fact, they are less than the cost of a cheap dinner for two.In short it is possible to start a six-figure online business from scratch in just a few days time. You do not need a lot of skills and thanks to the power of pre-made free software and social media sites; you can start an online business for little to nothing down.Domain Name – You will want to create a virtual brand around your online business and your branding efforts start with your domain name. Head over to and find an available domain name for your product and website. The cost is less than $10 per domain.Website – You can start with Word Press or Blogger, which are both free blogging platforms. I recommend that you start with a blog for your website and invest a little money every month to host a Word Press blog. Word Press makes it real easy to add onto your blog to make it look like a professional website.Hosting – To host your website or WordPress blog, you only have to spend $5 a month at I think you will agree that the cost is more than manageable.Products – You can create a product from a Word document, publish it for free with a free online PDF creator like and you now have a product to sell…that cost you nothing except time to create.Shopping Cart – No, not that kind of shopping cart. An online shopping cart is the software or service that will accept credit cards for you when you sell your products to customers. charges $49.95 as a one-time fee, plus a percentage of each sale made.You can also use which is free (except for per sale processing charges), but they do not have active affiliates like who will see your products and instantly be able to promote your product. has over 150,000 affiliates. It is well worth the one-time investment to have access to that many affiliates.Autoresponder – You are going to want to capture the names and email addresses of your website visitors. By offering a free report or email course, you can get people to give you this vital information so you can follow-up with them and remind them to purchase your product, as well as provide them with great content. Cost for, one of the leading autoresponder services is $19.95 a month.Congratulations! You have your very own online business for less than $100, a fraction of what it would cost to build an offline business. All told you have spent roughly $85 to create a product, build a website and be able to accept credit cards.And remember, if you do not have $100 to invest in your online business right now, you can start by setting up a blog at for nothing at all and you can create your product to sell for free through PayPal, also free to join. Where else can you start a business for nothing down? Nowhere!Invest When You Can Afford to Invest – Now I am all for starting small and not spending a lot of money until you prove out that your market is willing to pay you for your products, but there will come a time when you should invest in your business.When you make your first sale or get your site up, you should look into investing in graphics for your website and your product covers. Graphics will definitely help your products and website look more professional and grab the attention of your prospects.So your strategy is to start small with a free Word Press or Blogger blog and then build your online business from there, adding products and other content over the months.

Why Get Home Owner’s Insurance?

Home owner’s insurance covers the home owner’s home in case of damage to their properties as well as liability for injuries and damages cause to other people. The home owner’s insurance provides financial protection against disasters. If your home is insured, the policy of the insurance company that you are registered under is going to cover both damages to your property and liability. If you sustain some injuries or members of your family causes to other people, the policies of the insurance company is going to take care of every thing.A standard home owners’ insurance policy may include the four types listed below.1) The coverage of the structure of your home. This part of the policy pays for repairs and rebuilds your home if it is damage or destroyed by fire, lighting or any other disaster.2) The protection of your personal belongings. These your personal belongings may include: furniture, clothes, and other personal items. Or, if there are stolen, most insurance companies will pay at least 50%v coverage.3) The protection of liabilities. The liability portion of the insurance pays for both the cost of defending you in court and property damage that you or your family members might cause to other people. They will also pay some percentage for additional cost of living away from home. For instant, if you con not live in your home due to fire disaster or any other insured disaster.There are different policies which also protects those who rents. This policy protects the rentals’ own parts of the apartment he or she owns from fire disaster or any other disaster that may occur. This policy will only protect those who rents, if they are registered with any home insurance company.You may need a particular insurance policy to cover your personal items, liability or fees charged to your own share of a particular asset. You may also like that a particular insurance policy provides you with the following coverage: life, home, health, long-term care, disability, specialty, business, etc.Home owners insurance policies covers disasters such as fire or lightning, windstorm or hail, explosions, damages caused by aircraft or vehicles, smoke, caused by aircraft and vehicles, smoke, theft, volcanic eruption, falling objects etc.It will not be good to be a home owner without insuring your home. You can legally own a home. But, if you have bough your home and financed the payment with mortgage, the lender will require you to get home owners insurance. That is to protect the lenders investments.It will also be good for those who are renters to also insure their apartment in case of any destruction or loss of property, payments can be made.It will not be easy for a home owner who has not yet taken inventory of his home will not be able to know all his property in case of fire disaster or any other disaster. So it will be good to insure you home, so that those that are insuring you home can give account of every property that that you are having.For all home owners it will be good to insure your home and all your personal property. And also make sure you renew you contracts with the insurance company and make sure that the policy remains current for as long as you own the home.